About Armed Forces Benefits Network

The Armed Forces Benefits Network, (AFBN) was established over a decade ago by a group of Financial Professionals with a mission to promote the economic and educational welfare of active duty service members and their dependents. The organization has no rank restrictions and services are offered to all branches of the armed forces and Department of Defense support personnel. Its subsidiary, Armed Forces Tax Service, assists service members with tax preparation and filing from its nationwide branch locations free-of-charge.

The organization’s services are multifaceted and driven to specifically address the unique needs that military families face.

Services include:

  • Active Duty Benefits Analysis
  • TSP, 401K, and IRA Analysis
  • Veterans Benefit Analysis
  • Survivors Benefit Plan
  • Pension Maximization
  • Tax Planning
  • Spouse Insurance
  • Family Insurance
  • Qualified Retirement Plans
  • Critical Illness Contingencies

Throughout its history, the organization has been a financially secure and well-managed entity partnering with IA American Life its parent company Industrial Alliance and Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, a participating underwriter of Servicemembers Group Life Insurance. Leadership is comprised of highly qualified Registered Financial Consultants, RFCTM, and Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultants, ChFEBCTM who, combined offer over 70 years of experience to the military community. Currently, the Network is providing services in CA, AZ, NV, UT, WA, TX, LA, KS, NC, IL, FL, GA, NC, KY, TN, AL, AK, and MO. AFBN prides itself on being of service to the community supporting installations throughout CONUS by sponsoring on installation MWR events as well as military-themed activities around the surrounding communities. As the organization continues to expand, its main objective remains to be a supporting resource to service members and their families.

Our Team Members

Our team members are dedicated and passionate about helping military members and their families in locations throughout the U.S.

FSR – Field Service Representative
CFP – Certified Financial Planner
RFC – Registered Financial Consultant
RFP – Registered Financial Planner
MGA – Managing General Agent
IMO – Independent Marketing Organization

Michael Nordquist
Michael NordquistAFBN Founder
We are continuously working to learn more, to be better, to improve the quality of our relationships with our customers and to do more to support everything they are doing for us.
Laura Nordquist
Laura NordquistAFBN Executive
Working with AFBN and its representatives, management team and clients has been one of my proudest accomplishments, knowing that I am truly working each and every day to Serve those who Serve to preserve our way of life.
Richard G. Easterbrook, CFP
Richard G. Easterbrook, CFPAdvanced Markets/National Marketing Director
With a strong passion for providing high-quality financial services, Richard provides recruitment and training to our dedicated team members. With over 30 years of financial service expertise, his unique approach gives military servicemembers customized financial solutions they can trust.
Chris Benkendorf, RFC, MGA IMO
Chris Benkendorf, RFC, MGA IMOScott AFB, IL
Serving since 2005, Chris manages the operations of several AFBN offices out of Scott AFB, IL. Committed to making a difference, Chris leads his team members with a passion for helping the military.
Travis Johnson, MGA IMO
Travis Johnson, MGA IMOFort Carson, CO
As a Senior NCO in the WA National Guard, Travis serves the military in Ft. Carson, CO and JBLM, WA. Working for AFBN for over a decade, Travis seeks to help military families make the most of their finances.
Charles Centers, MGA IMO
Charles Centers, MGA IMO
Thomas Fletcher, MGA ,IMO, RFC
Thomas Fletcher, MGA ,IMO, RFCSierra Vista, AZ
Dedicated to the military, this veteran of the Army serves the Sierra Vista AFBN location. Committed to service since 2002, Tom works tirelessly to support families near the location.
Jeff Donathan, Regional Manager
Jeff Donathan, Regional ManagerFort Polk, LA
Jeff has been working with military families drawing from his experiences as a Senior Master Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force. He currently serves offices in the Ft. Polk, Ft Leonard Wood, Scott AFB, and Joint Base Lewis-McChord areas.
Chandler Benkendorf, FSR
Chandler Benkendorf, FSR
Sean Beaver, FSR
Sean Beaver, FSR
Connie Castagno, FSR
Connie Castagno, FSR
Durrell Cole, FSR
Durrell Cole, FSR
Brittany Davis, FSR
Brittany Davis, FSR
Steven Greene, FSR
Steven Greene, FSR
Jonathan Heppner, FSR
Jonathan Heppner, FSR
Shelly Lambert, FSR
Shelly Lambert, FSRJBLM, WA
A popular favorite at our JBLM, WA location, Shelly has spent the last 5 years working with military families.
Joline Rich, FSR
Joline Rich, FSR
Hadj Thomas, FSR
Hadj Thomas, FSRNellis AFB, NV
Serving military near Nellis AFB, Hadj served as a pilot in the Air Force for 22 years. Continuing his work with military families after retirement, Hadj supports and educates service members on their benefits and provides valuable information for smart financial decisions.
Richard Timm, FSR
Richard Timm, FSRPatrick AFB
Vanessa Lindsay, Public Relations
Vanessa Lindsay, Public Relations

Armed Forces Benefits Network’s goal is “Serving Those Who Serve”.
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