Military personnel gets a plethora of tax benefits, starting from extended deadlines to tax deductions. Despite this, the tax filing process can be a challenging task for military members.

To support military personnel, our team offers free tax help! With the appropriate paperwork and adequate knowledge, filing taxes isn’t that tricky. Here’s how military members can file their taxes this year:

How to e-File Taxes with Us

There are two different ways to do it:

Armed Forces Benefits Network Free e-Filing Centers

Present time serving military personnel can benefit from our free tax preparation and e-filing at each of our locations.

We’re doing our part to keep you healthy and safe in all of our locations. We work hard to create a clean and professional atmosphere that you deserve.

Virtual Military Tax Preparation

If you prefer to schedule a virtual appointment for tax preparation, some of our locations offer this! Please check with your local AFBN branch for details.

Our expert team members are always up to date with the latest information relevant to filing taxes ensures you can fill yours with minimum roadblocks.

Documents Necessary When Filing Taxes

No matter if you visit us in person or online, you’re going to need several important pieces of paperwork. Instead of scrambling at the last minute, it’s better to be pre-prepared. Here’s what you should keep next to you:

  • The previous year’s tax return
  • Your current Leave and Earnings Statement, aka your military W-2s copies of the order, including deployment, TDY, or training
  • Social security card + SSNs for claims on the tax returns
  • Your Military ID or State ID
  • Documents relevant to real estate. It includes mortgage interest statements, i.e., your Form 1098
  • Investment tax forms or information exhibiting investment activity that is subject to taxes
  • Documented profit from a rental property
  • Receipts for deductibles
  • Child support/ alimony/ any relevant payment agreements
  • Documentations in case of changes in marital status, as well as dependents from the previous year
  • Documents relevant to GI Bill benefits, earned income credit, etc.
  • Records showing your movement from military assignments alongside retirement, separation, and such

Deadline Extension Benefits

Most people file their taxes before the deadline, however missing the deadline is common in the military world. The IRS offers deadline extension for military personnel if:

  • You’re serving in a combat zone. Moreover, if you’re supporting a team in a combat zone, your deadline extends.
  • You currently have a missing status.
  • You were under hospitalization outside the US because you sustained wounds while in a combat zone or duty area.

In fact, serving members in a combat zone or contingency operation on April 15, 2021, will receive a 180-day extension for filing and paying their taxes.

Are you still confused? Visit our website Armed Forces Benefits Network. Or call us at (702) 485-3539 to schedule your appointment!