When it comes to serving in the armed forces, various benefits and allowances are available to support the financial well-being of military personnel. One benefit that often goes unnoticed is the Combat Zone Tax Exclusion. At AFBN, we are dedicated to assisting military members to make the most of their tax benefits for their financial success. Let’s delve into this tax exclusion, who qualifies for it, and how it can significantly reduce the tax burden for active-duty military members serving in combat zones. 

What Are Active Combat Income Tax Exclusions?

The Combat Zone Tax Exclusion is a provision in the US tax code that allows qualified military personnel to exclude certain types of income from their taxable earnings. The primary purpose of these exclusions is to ease the financial strain on service members who are actively deployed in combat zones. By reducing their taxable income, these exclusions provide valuable financial relief to those serving our country in challenging environments.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the Combat Zone Tax Exclusion, you must meet specific criteria: 

Deployment Status: You must be deployed to a designated combat zone to provide direct support to military operations in such areas. 

Combat Zones: These are areas specifically recognized by the IRS as combat zones. You can find the list of current combat zones on the IRS website.

Period of Service: Your exclusion typically covers the period you serve in a combat zone plus 180 days after you leave the zone. 

An AFBN Advisor can assist you in determining your current status and help you understand the benefits surrounding your deployment. Contact an Advisor near you today!

Benefits of The Combat Zone Tax Exclusion

The advantages of utilizing the Combat Zone Tax Exclusion are significant: 

Tax Savings: You can substantially reduce your tax liability, often resulting in a smaller tax bill or even a tax refund. 

Financial Relief: The extra funds can be invaluable to you and your family’s financial stability during deployment. 

Recognition of Sacrifice: These exclusions recognize the sacrifice and challenges faced by military personnel in combat situations. 

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Filing Process 

To claim your Tax Exclusions: 

  1. Ensure you meet the eligibility requirements.
  2. File your federal return, including Form 1040, with the exclusion indicated. An AFBN Advisor can assist you in accurately completing the required forms. 
  3. If applicable, attach a statement explaining your eligibility and the details of your employment. 

Make sure to file within the designated deadline to fully benefit from this tax advantage. If you are feeling overwhelmed, an AFBN advisor would be happy to assist you through this process. 

Common Misconceptions

Some misconceptions surround specific benefits for military members, including the belief that they apply to all military income or that they are automatic. It’s essential to understand your benefits and the outlined criteria and follow the proper filing process to fully benefit from these exclusions. With the assistance of an AFBN advisor, you can ensure accuracy in your filing and maximize your benefits. Contact the nearest AFBN office to begin discussing your tax-related matters. 

Tips for Maximizing Your Benefits

  • Keep meticulous records of your deployment dates and income.
  • Seek advice from a tax professional, specifically one with knowledge of military taxation. 
  • Stay informed about changes in tax laws and eligibility criteria. 


The Combat Zone Tax Exclusion is a valuable financial benefit for military personnel serving in combat zones. By understanding the eligibility criteria, filing correctly, and seeking assistance, you can significantly reduce your tax burden and provide financial security for your family during deployment. 

Contact AFBN for more information or questions regarding your benefits as an active-duty military member. Make the most of your tax benefits for financial success today!