Among the many lessons to learn from the recent pandemic is the fact that something completely unexpected can upend so many aspects of life in the blink of an eye. Of those things that can change with little notice is the job market. As millions of unemployment claims show, the pandemic sent many people out to look for work with no warning. However, it does lead to the question of exactly what you can do to find a job in a crisis. Although it may sound cliché, in every crisis, there is an opportunity, and there are jobs available to those who follow some important guidelines.

Consider Becoming an Independent Contractor


Perhaps one of the biggest sea changes in the employment landscape in recent years is the explosion of companies that rely on independent contractors to function. The most prominent of these companies is Uber, but they are far from the only ones. In fact, several of these companies saw a boom during the pandemic crisis as people needed the ability to complete some basic household tasks in quarantine. Throughout the course of the crisis, Instacart, for example, sought to hire literally hundreds of thousands of new workers to meet rising demand.


Go Where the Demand Is


Even when the economy as a larger whole can be struggling, there are always areas where demand is surging, and it can vary crisis by crisis. However, keeping an eye on trends in crisis can let you know where employment opportunities are. One example is Instacart, mentioned above, but the coronavirus pandemic also saw other businesses see a boom in demand and a need for the additional workforce. Some prominent examples include obvious ones like Amazon, but some others include areas like discount grocer Aldi, home improvement giants Home Depot and Lowe’s (people stuck at home decided to tackle some DIY jobs!) and tech company Oracle. Knowing where to look for jobs can be half the battle.


Flexibility is Essential


Even with these important facts in mind, you have to remain flexible in crisis. It may be that you need to search for work outside of your traditional comfort zone or where most of your experience lies. You may also need to look for jobs outside of traditional full-time employment, including contract or temporary work, as well as unusual hours. Being flexible will allow you to cast the widest net for employment during a crisis.


While the outlook can occasionally seem bleak during a crisis, by working smartly, you can maximize your chances of finding a job during a crisis. We can help answer your questions! Contact us now!