The G.I. Bill Comparison Tool is an incredibly useful tool that helps military members compare their G.I. Bill benefits at potential employment opportunities, potential schools and universities, and from VET TEC providers. Here is exactly how to use the G.I. Bill Comparison Tool.

Where can you use the G.I. Bill Comparison Tool?

The G.I. Bill Comparison Tool can be found here: 

Once on the website, begin your search by typing in a location, school name, employer, or training provider. From there, follow the prompts and compare the specific entities that you need to. 

Information from VA News: “The recent updates allow Veterans and their families to compare up to three schools or training institutions side-by-side. This is great for comparing tuition and benefits. Users can also view different schools, employers and training providers on a map, quickly filter between options, and more, all from a mobile device. The G.I. Bill Comparison Tool’s recent updates provide for a more personalized experience when planning the next step in your journey. Considering using your G.I. Bill education benefits? Get a head start with the G.I. Bill Comparison Tool and find a path that’s best for you. Your future starts here.”


If you want support in using the G.I. Bill Comparison Tool or need other guidance or counsel on military benefits and income, contact the Armed Forces Benefits Network for expert guidance and support in making the decisions that are absolutely best for you, your lifestyle, and your budget.