Is Joining the Military Right for You?

Joining up with any organization can be a daunting prospect. Joining up with the military is doubly so! But there are a lot of great benefits that come your way when you sign on with any branch of the military and serve in the armed forces. Many of these benefits are common knowledge but there are plenty that may not even have crossed your mind!

Steady Paycheck

One of the best things that joining the military provides is a steady paycheck. Each pay period, you’ll get a check in your account that will keep you afloat even if you’re not out in the world. There are also tons of different cash bonuses available for the taking for different events and actions. All of these bonuses are outlined with the Armed Forces Benefits Network which gives you insight into everything the military can provide for you once you join.

Education Benefits

Once you join up and serve, you’ll be eligible for different education benefits. This helps defer or completely pay for college and higher education so you can focus on studying and building your life. While you’ll likely learn a lot of great life lessons in the military, some of the book learning can always come later!


Housing can quickly become one of the biggest stressors and issues in a young person’s life. When joining the military, your housing is covered throughout your time with the institution. During basic training, you’ll live on base and have housing and meals provided for you. Deployment and overseas trips may have your housing paid for either on base or off and meals either provided by the dining facilities or a per diem awarded to cover the cost!

Veterans Benefits

The benefits you gain during your time in the military extend once you leave service! The biggest benefit that’s most widely available is the use of home loans for veterans and extended health care. The VA Guaranteed Home Loan Program allows anyone qualified to get zero-down financing which allows veterans to purchase their own home more quickly and in markets that they might not have had access to otherwise.

Travel and Vacation

The military may take up a large chunk of time but there’s still plenty of space for you to be able to kick back and relax on a vacation! The military pays all the expenses of moving all over the world for you and your family. You’re also eligible for “space available” military flights that circumnavigate the globe at little to no cost to you. Hidden gems like Shades of Green resort and Hale Koa Hotel on Waikiki are available just for military personnel and make an excellent vacation stop for very little cost.


Joining the military can be a big step for many people and it may look on the surface like the risks outweigh the benefits. While there are inherent risks in choosing to serve your country through the military, there are also some excellent benefits that happen throughout your active duty military life and veterans’ benefits when you’re done!

Check out the Armed Forces Benefits Network at or call at 866-729-7845 for more information!