Respected armed forces members, honored veterans, and their families are offered special discounts or other incentives to recognize their service and sacrifice. Many businesses and organizations offer discounts on products and services for armed service members, both active and retired. At AFBN, we assist our armed forces members and their families in understanding their benefits. Learn about your benefits as a service member and discover strategies that will allow you to get the most out of your discounts and incentives. There are countless opportunities to save and make the most of your spending as an active duty service member or a retired veteran.

Understanding Military Discounts

When it comes to privileges, military discounts are tokens of appreciation given by businesses across many industries, from retail to travel. Beyond catering to active-duty personnel, these discounts extend and include veterans, retirees, and their families. Many products, services, travel opportunities, and essential items are made more accessible through exclusive discounts designed just for military service members.

Types of Military Discounts 

Many businesses, including large chains like Home Depot or AT&T, offer discounts to active military, veterans, and their spouses to save a percentage of their purchases. Berklee School of Music and California Southern University offer discounts on tuition and fees to incentivize further education. This type of discount is included in the GI Bill, which allows service members to complete or progress their education with military assistance. Learn more about the GI Bill. An advisor at AFBN can help you discover other discounts you may be entitled to and help you navigate educational aid, contact us today. 

Finding Military Discounts

A military ID issued to all service members and veterans is the golden ticket to your discounts and benefits. Simply asking an employee at any business you visit should know which discounts are available at their location. Forums, word of mouth, and the internet are full of information about discounts offered to veterans. Military programs like AFBN are also an excellent resource for discovering discounts or other offerings to active and retired military members. 

Strategies for Maximizing Military Discounts

Planning Ahead: Take the time to plan your moves. Weigh your pros and cons and ensure you make the best financial decisions for a successful future.
Stackable Discounts: Waiting for additional discounts or sales and stacking your military discount gives an additional advantage. Using discounts with ongoing promotions allows you to maximize your military discount. 

Timing: This is where planning ahead and stacking discounts come together. Optimize your saving schedule and ensure a return on your investment. 

Online Shopping and Cashback

Engage with technology’s pros. Digital platforms are central for discounts and other incentives. Subscribing to your favorite brand’s newsletter might offer you exclusive discounts right in your inbox. Use these special coupons or promotions for better pricing for your favorite products. Typically businesses offering these promotions offer loyalty or cashback programs. Loyalty programs are a great way to incentivize your purchases. Loyalty programs and other promotions can help you make the most of your spending. 

Keeping Track of Savings

Tracking your savings can show just how much you’re saving. Seeing the savings allows you to track spending and plan for future purchases. Budgeting and financial planning can ensure a better future for you and your family and open doors for you down the road. Military discounts allow you to save money and allocate it elsewhere for your benefit. If you are struggling to feel financially secure during active duty or after retirement, schedule a consultation with our helpful advisors to get you on the right track to a successful financial future. 

ConclusionYou can make the most of your military discounts with preparation, budgeting, and simply asking about a business’s military incentives. From planning to strategies for maximizing your savings, you now understand your discounts and promotions as a retired or active duty service member. You can begin making the most of your hard-earned benefits today. If you’re ready to take your financial journey even further, the Armed Forces Benefits Network supports you with services tailored to your needs. Contact an advisor for more information or to schedule a consultation.