Are you trying to land your dream job? Sometimes interviews can be very intimidating. Follow these five tips to help you feel confident walking into an interview.

Be Positive

When you are sitting down at an interview, walk into it with confidence. Being upbeat and optimistic about the position makes you a more attractive candidate.


Whether you are face to face or doing a virtual interview, make yourself approachable. Remember to smile and be happy.


Avoid Bashing

You will want to try to avoid talking negatively even though a job may have come to an end on bad terms. Explain that you are seeking to take on new challenges or that you are trying to pursue something that you have a passion for.


If you must name a specific negative experience, avoid using names and try to be as respectful as possible.


Ask Questions

There is nothing more frustrating than getting a job and a few months into it realizing that it is nothing that you expected it to be.


Instead of letting the employer ask all the questions, be prepared to ask questions that will benefit you as well. Common questions to ask are:


  • What are the day to day tasks?
  • What benefits do they offer?
  • Is there room to grow?
  • Is there vacation pay?
  • What are the hours?


Represent Yourself

Read over the job description and take time to think about what you will be able to bring to the table. Convincing the employer that you are more than capable of doing the desired role will lead to a better chance of employment and negotiating compensation.


Last Chance Question

If you know the interview is coming to an end, it doesn’t hurt to ask, “Is there anything else that I can provide you with that may be helpful?”. It gives them one last opportunity to cover any bases or ask any last questions that they may have.


Also, being willing to answer more questions they have gives you more brownie points!