Members of the armed forces have an uphill battle when it comes to managing taxes and other finances, especially if active duty. With tax season approaching, it’s time to explore what changes and opportunities lie ahead. The Armed Forces Benefits Network is here to guide you through taxes and assist you in making the most of your military benefits. Stay informed and organized to ensure a smooth tax season in 2024!

Overview of Military Tax Benefits 

Military personnel enjoy one-of-a-kind tax considerations, recognizing the sacrifices and challenges that come with serving our country. Understanding and leveraging these benefits is essential to secure your finances and tax advantages. From combat pay exclusions to housing allowances, various perks are explicitly designed for the men and women in uniform. 

Changes in Tax Laws for 2024

Stay in the loop with any significant changes in tax laws for the upcoming year, especially if it will impact you as a military member. This could include alterations in taxes, income thresholds, or the introduction of new deductions or credits. Being aware of these changes ensures you can adapt your financial strategy accordingly. An AFBN advisor can help you stay informed of changing laws and regulations. 

Common Tax Breaks for Military Personnel

Combat Zone Tax Exclusion 

One of the longstanding benefits for military personnel is the Combat Zone Exclusion. This exclusion allows you to exclude funds from your taxable income earned while serving in designated combat zones. 

Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) and Its Tax Implications

Understanding how Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) affects your taxes is crucial. While BAH itself is not taxable, other housing-related allowances may impact your tax liability. 

Uniform and Equipment Expenses 

Did you know that expenses related to uniforms and equipment can be tax-deductible? Keep detailed records of your purchases to make the most of this benefit. 

Moving Expenses Deduction 

Military members often face frequent relocations. Fortunately, you may be eligible for a deduction of certain moving expenses, helping to alleviate some financial burden associated with the relocation. 

Education-Related Tax Benefits 

If you’re pursuing education while serving, explore tax benefits associated with the GI Bill. Understanding how to maximize the GI Bill can significantly impact your financial and educational outlook. 

Tips for Maximizing Tax Benefits 

Being proactive in optimizing your tax situation is key. There are many resources available through the IRS to stay informed of your current deductions, exclusions, and benefits that can offer helpful insight. It’s also important to keep accurate records, utilize available credits and deductions wisely, and consider seeking professional advice for personalized guidance. Because of their frequent interaction with tax documents and filing, they are often a critical resource for military members. Contact an AFBN Advisor to discover your benefits and get ahead on your 2024 tax filing. 


As you gear up for 2024, take the time to familiarize yourself with the tax breaks available to you as a military member. Professional guidance can ensure you get the most out of your military benefits. Staying informed and keeping accurate, organized records can ensure a smooth tax season. Let the Armed Forces Benefits Network be your ally in your tax filing this year. Find the nearest AFBN location today!