Tax season can be complex and daunting for many, especially military families with unique circumstances. One crucial aspect of filing taxes is understanding who you can claim as dependents. As a member of the Armed Forces, navigating these considerations is essential to ensure you maximize your benefits and deductions. At the Armed Forces Benefits Network, we strive to empower service members, past and present, with free financial and tax guidance for you and your family. Contact a Benefits Specialist today! 


Understanding Tax Dependants 


Tax season is just around the corner. Understanding tax dependants and other terms can be challenging. The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) sets specific criteria for individuals to qualify as dependents. Some examples include: 


Children as Dependents: Children can be significant factors in tax filings. Learn about Age Limitations, the Qualifying Child Test, and benefits, such as the Child Tax Credit, and other advantages that may be offered to parents with dependent children. 


Qualifying Relatives as Dependents: Beyond children, qualifying relatives can also be claimed. Learn more about the criteria for eligible relatives and the impact on your tax deductions and credits. 


Learn more about dependents and definitions here


Special Cases and Considerations 


Military families often face unique situations, financially and personally. Due to relationship complexities such as custody agreements and other claims, tax intricacies can affect either parent. The Armed Forces Benefits Network can navigate these complexities to understand your tax filing situation. 


Common Mistakes to Avoid


It’s important to highlight common pitfalls, such as overlooking eligibility criteria, failing to coordinate claims in shared custody situations, and stressing the importance of keeping accurate records. Because military members’ benefits are often intricate, it’s advisable to seek the help of a professional. A Benefits Specialist at the Armed Forces Benefits Network can help you understand and make the most of your benefits. 




As a member of the Armed Forces, understanding who you can claim as dependents is crucial for maximizing your tax benefits. Making yourself aware of eligibility criteria, organizing records, and seeking the help of a qualified Benefits Specialist are all steps toward maximizing your benefits. At the Armed Forces Benefits Network, each Benefits Specialist is well-versed and educated in tax benefits specific to military members. 

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