There is a monetary benefit available to veterans that is called Aid and Attendance. This benefit is sometimes referred to as “special monthly pension” and the amount is different for married and single veterans. The Aid and Attendance benefit is for elderaly war era veterans and their surviving spouses. It is a tax-free financial benefit and it can greatly support the care costs for elderly veterans and their spouses. Here is what you should know: 

Aid and Attendance Amount

For a single veteran, the full Aid and Attendance amount is $2,050, and $2,431 for a married veteran per month. A surviving spouse of a veteran can receive up to $1,318 a month while a married couple of veterans can receive up to $3,261.

Aid and Attendance Requirements

According to, “The Aid & Attendance benefit is for elderly wartime veterans and spouses who require personal care. This is more than just preparing meals, driving, or cleaning (although those functions can be included in the caregiver’s duties).  It’s for those who need some assistance, supervision, or standby help with two of the following activities of living: bathing, dressing, mobility, eating or toileting.  This could be for people who have walking/balance issues and are at a fall risk, or they have a chronic health condition which affects their strength and coordination, or they have cognitive problems due to dementia or Alzheimer’s.”


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