You’ve likely seen a Purple Heart Award on television, in the news, or perhaps on a service member. However, do you actually know what the medal is, why it is awarded, and what it stands for? August 21st of every year is National Purple Heart Day. If you have ever wondered about the highly respected award, we are here to give yo ual lof the history that you need into what National Purple Heart Day is. 

According to, “Purple Heart Day is a U.S. military holiday that takes place every year on August 7th. The holiday was first created in 1782 by General George Washington, Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army. The Purple Heart, originally called the Badge of Military Merit, was one of the first military awards that could be awarded to regular, enlisted soldiers. It is presented to military personnel who have been wounded or killed by the enemy during a war. Today, the Purple Heart is the oldest military award presented to soldiers.  The first military decoration ever awarded was the Fidelity Medallion, also known as the “André Capture Medal”. It was given to three soldiers who captured British Major John André. The Major served in the British Army and was head of its Secret Service during the American Revolutionary War. Major John André helped Benedict Arnold, an American military officer, defect to the British.”

When you consider what the Purple Heart award is and stands for, it makes August 21st a much more enjoyable, meaningful day to experience and live through. Use this date on the calendar to honor those that have received Purple Hearts and to honor the dedication, heart, and passion they provided to the American people through their award-winning services. 

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