Retirement may be many years down the road, but it is never too early to start preparing for the day you will, eventually, retire. Many take retirement for granted, not thinking about the many changes that might occur during those years.

If you are serving, or have served in the armed forces, you might have something set aside for when you retire from active duty. Each year, there are changes in the economy, which could leave you short, or feeling as though the retirement funds you receive are not enough.


In order to properly prepare for the future, here are four tips to think about as you prepare for retirement.


1. Do not borrow against your retirement savings

This might not seem like huge advice, but it can cost you thousands of dollars in the future. As you borrow money from your retirement fund, depending on the account, you might not fully recoup the money that is borrowed. As your account grows each month, allow the money to remain, giving you more money when you decide to retire.


2. Ask about matching contributions

Most companies will match contributions to your IRS up to a certain percentage. Find out what the highest percentage is and save that each month. If you are saving 5% of your check, and your employer adds 5%, that is added funds that will grow for your retirement.


3. Invest wisely

When it comes to investments, this can lead to more money for your golden years. Talk to a respected investor to discover some low-risk accounts that can be invested in. High-risk investments might yield more significant payouts, but they can also lead to bigger losses. Choose carefully where to put your money.


4. Plan for the area where you want to live

Every location has different taxes, fees, and costs of living. By knowing where you want to retire, then you can better plan for what you are going to need to live on each month. Don’t plan for a tropical retirement on a Midwest budget. You have to be realistic where you want to live, and figure out what you are going to need to comfortably retire.



You have dedicated your career to serving in the armed forces. Don’t get caught short when you retire.  Figuring out what you need can be challenging, but we can help! Bring us your questions, and let’s figure out what your best options are. Give us a call or send us a message today.