The Veteran Affairs office offers many benefits to senior citizens that can help with healthcare cost and coverage, disability compensation, monthly compensations, and of course, pensions. Because it is a natural part of life to require more healthcare as one ages, it is important for senior veterans to know the option available to them and the benefits that can help them get and afford the care that their body may require. Here is more on senior VA benefits and what is offered to them.

How to receive VA healthcare?

According to, “To receive VA health care, the veteran must be enrolled in the VA health care system. Types of VA health care (Basic Medical Benefits Package) include preventative care, diagnostics, specialty care, inpatient, and outpatient care. The VA also provides additional mental health and dental care services. After you enroll in the system, you are assigned to a Priority Group. If you are a disabled veteran (service connected) with a VA disability rating, a former POW, or Medal of Honor/Purple Heart recipient, you will usually be assigned to Priority Groups 1, 2, or 3.  VA disability compensation is a monthly monetary benefit paid to veterans who became ill or were injured during military service. It is also paid to veterans with a health condition that was aggravated while serving.”


Much of your life after serving in the military may be navigating retirement and the costs of living that exist after your career comes to a close. The VA provides benefits to seniors because those who have served the United States and all Americans absolutely deserve to be cared for and aided for the rest of their lives. In order for this to happen truly, however, senior veterans need to be sure they seek guidance on the benefits they are entitled to and the way in which they then use those benefits and funds that are available to them.