The IRS helps veterans and military members, along with their families to ensure they can fulfill federal income tax filing obligations with ease. Reserve or active duty members present in the list bellows can be eligible for various military tax benefits. Some separated or recently retired members could also qualify for these benefits:

  • United States Coast Guard
  • United States Marine Corps
  • United States Air Force
  • United States Navy
  • United States Army

Resources that Military Service Members Can Utilize for Filing Taxes

Free Face-to-Face Tax Prep Offered by Volunteers

Thousands, if not millions of people get help from volunteers certified by the IRS for their tax preparation. The Tax Counseling for the Elderly and Volunteer Income Tax Assistance programs have been massive helpful for numerous taxpayers. 

Volunteers helped prepare more than a million tax returns for free, helping veterans and military members in the country in over eleven thousand tax prep sites, some of which were present in various military installations. Here are a few other things worth learning about Volunteers Income Tax Assistance:

  • The IRS trains and certifies TCE and VITA volunteers by collaborating with local groups 
  • Generally, VITA provides free tax return prep to individuals who earned lower than 56,000 Dollars in 2019
  • VITA offers people free e-filing, which is a massive convenience. It is arguably the most accurate and safest way for filing tax return. Taxpayers can get refunds quickly by combining direct deposit with electronic filing

IRS Free File

IRS Free File offers taxpayers the opportunity to file taxes without paying any fee. People earning 69,000 Dollars or less can even become eligible for a free of cost brand name software provided through collaboration between the Internal Revenue Service and various tax software providers. Some of them even provide free state and federal tax prep along with electronic filing options. Those earning over 69,000 Dollars can make use of electronic IRS forms and free file fillable forms. Options like these are especially ideal for individuals who have experience in preparing for returns. 

Free File has special offers for people who are active in the military. These individuals, along with their family (who meet the criteria for income limitation) can choose from a total of 9 companies without worrying about extra eligibility criteria. 

Earned Income Tax Credit

Thousands of military members qualify for multiple tax credits, which includes Earned Income Tax Credit, which is around 6500 Dollars. These credits offer a tax break to service members, letting them keep a higher sum of what they earned.

If you are looking for more tips regarding filing taxes as a member of the military, contact us at AFBN and our experienced representatives will guide you thoroughly.