While debts haunt just about every American, it is pertinent to mention that military members accumulate more debt in comparison to civilians. If members of the military fail to deal with their debt on a timely basis, it can negatively affect their families.

If you don’t have family members or friends in the military, you’re probably wondering why they go into debt in the first place. More importantly, why are they more likely to suffer from severe debt in contrast to civilian citizens.

In this article, we will talk about reasons that push members of the military into debt.

Inadequate Payment

Military members find themselves in severe debt for numerous reasons. However, the biggest reason remains that while their pay is indeed steady, it, by no means, is enough. Their wages are barely enough to make ends meet. Since they receive inadequate pay, they must make sacrifices to support their family.

When members of the military have to use every last dollar from their paychecks, they are left with little or no amount to use in case of emergencies. Therefore, in case they encounter any family emergency, they have no option other than resorting to loans.

Frequent Moving Increase Expenses

Another major reason that military members suffer from debt is that they have to move often due to the nature of their job. When you move frequently, it can result in additional expenses, a harsh reality for members of the military. Also, frequent moves can make it difficult for their partners to hold onto a job or advance at a well-paying job.

As per an article, the US housing market is still in the recovery phase. This makes it difficult for members of the military to sell off their houses when they must move at short notice. Hence, they end up paying mortgages on both their existing home as well as the new one.  This is all to ensure good credit, which ultimately puts their financial lives in a hot mess. Regardless of how much effort they put in, debt starts piling up.

Partner Forgets to Make Payments

During deployment, it naturally means that the spouse incurs all the financial responsibilities. If there is a lack of communication for some reason, the spouse may forget to pay pending bills. One missed payment can create problems if the family doesn’t deal with it on time.

Appealing to the Credit Industry

Since military members enjoy steady paychecks, they are likely to get credit far more easily than civilians.

In addition to this, civilians can have a debt settlement while military members cannot. This is why the credit industry prefers members of the military to civilians.


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