Regional Team Leader

Troy Simpson

After spending 14 years in the United States Air Force, Troy Simpson found a successful career with Consolidated Financial after a series of events that changed his life. Early in his military career as a Senior Airman, Troy and his wife decided to start a personal savings program, not realizing how truly beneficial and impactful that decision would become for their family.

Immediately after attaining the rank of Captain, Troy found himself in the middle of the USAF’s aggressive force shaping initiative that reduced his career field by 68%. He was let go from duty and found himself and his family with no retirement, medical or benefits. Little did he know the decision he made with his wife years before to plan for unfortunate financial circumstances would become a lifeline for their family during this unexpected and dramatic life change.

Capitalizing on his own experiences in the military and planning for his own family’s financial security, Troy has spent the last 10 years building a solid financial future with Consolidated Financial Group. Passionate about helping other military families, his personal mission is to educate young families on the importance of financial planning and protecting their loved ones in the event of an unplanned financial loss.

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